Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At the EPA, science takes a back seat to political agendas

Michelle Malkin points out the farce that is "climate change" research at the EPA:
The Competitive Enterprise Institute has obtained internal EPA e-mails that show the agency willfully and recklessly disregarded scientific data that undermined the bureaucracy’s global warming zealotry.
This information is especially relevant as Congress rushes to pass the cap-and-trade nightmare on Friday.
This is a common occurrence in the scientific community: research findings that could jeopardize future funding or objectives are suppressed, either passively or actively. For example, if the government is giving out billions in research grants to study the effects of global warming, it's a sure bet that researchers who want to receive those grants will not publish works contradicting current global warming theory. In this way certain research findings or scientific opinions are passively suppressed.

Even worse, if an agency has direct political interest in the outcome of research studies -- for example findings which could be used as justification to give EPA administrators additional regulatory powers -- contrary research findings may be actively suppressed. This is what's been going on at the EPA with regards to climate change, as these internal emails reveal.

Update: The story reaches the Washington Examiner.

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