Monday, July 27, 2009

Global Warming Update: Whistleblower Leaks Raw Temperature Data

In my recent post I examined the scientific evidence for global warming and found that there's no evidence at all. I pointed out that the so-called "global temperature" graphs purported to show a recent rapid rise in temperature are based on bad science, dubious data, and are wrought with almost infinite statistical uncertainty. Meanwhile, there is a wealth of consistent, reliable data from land-based and satellite measurements that show no warming trend. The data reveals the truth: global warming is not happening.

I also mentioned that those famous "global temperature" graphs were produced by climate activist scientists who have not disclosed the methods, calculations, or raw data used to generate those graphs. Steve McIntyre, the Canadian mathematician-turned-climate-researcher, editor of Climate Audit, co-winner of the 2007 Weblog Award for Best Science Blog, and exposer of the Michael Mann "hockey stick graph" fraud, has been filing Freedom of Information requests to the various government agency gatekeepers of raw climate data. So far he's been stonewalled; it appears governments are not willing to reveal raw data from the studies they've used to promote global warming. I wonder why this could be?

But there is hope. Just yesterday, a mole within the Hadley Climate Research Unit leaked their raw data. Note that the "global temperature" graph featured on the Hadley CRU homepage is one I outed as being totally bogus.

Now that the raw data is in McIntyre's hands, maybe an honest and open analysis will reveal the truth about temperature trends from this dataset. My guess: it will conform with the many consistent data sets and show there is no warming trend. McIntyre is continuing his efforts to acquire additional raw data through his FOI requests.

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  1. If you compare a graph of earthquake energy release to the graphs of temperature, sea ice, and hurricane power dissipation they are almost identical.