Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fracking Vindicated Yet Again

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has confirmed there has not been a single case in which the process of "fracking", or hydraulic fracturing, has caused ground water contamination.  The left-wing smear campaign against fracking, including the unscientific documentary Gasland, has once again been proven false.


  1. It would behoove you to cite your sources for your information when you make such a public broadcast such as this. Any university/college professor would get on my case if I didn't site my research sources than to just make a declaration for my point, idea, or arguments' sake. S/he said is not good enough either, unless you can document scientific documented might also be helpful.

    I'm not someone for or against "fracking," because I'm not quite clear on this matter. I've only just started to seeing petitions out and about to get people to sign up for protesting "fracking." However, I do have concern on the future of sucking oil out of pockets in the earth, even if they are displacing the empty pockets with some kind of fluid, or mud will eventually result in sinkholes, and maybe a domino effect for earthquakes, and possible new volcanic activity which may also cause environmental damage. It just seems logical to me.

    By the picture above with the red "X" out and overprinted with the word "WRONG" looks by even common sense, some degree of potential, eventually and in some cases, for such an event to occur.

    [I apologize for the anonymity here, but I'm on a public served computer where we're really not allowed to get on a personal site, but I thought I just had to put my opinion/concern here.]

    1. To answer your questions, the water does not replace the oil or natural gas, there is so much pressure under the ground that all of the water and natural gas comes flooding to the surface. Also you need to search for a picture that it made to scale of a fracking job. The wells are 5,000+ feet down. water is only 50-200 feet. Please educated yourself about things before you become overwhelmed and concerned about them.

  2. I would like to add that Fracking companies don't know the outcome of cementing wells, these cement wells aren't looked at after they have been poured and when they do pour these wells companies don't know if they have made a well without cracked cement. Cracks have been known to show up in RDT tests and these cracks lead to the spillage of the 632 different combinations of fracking fluid and wastewater that is supposed to be treated properly since it has radioactive traits such as benzyne and hydrochloride , so I hope you can educate yourself on what is really going on. I'm not on either side, I mean who would, there is no side with the government right?