Friday, January 4, 2013

Lawyers in Space

Trial lawyers are trying to kill the private space industry by blocking liability protection legislation.  As if we needed another reason to hate trial lawyers (and my apologies to all my lawyer friends).

The fact is, rocket failures are going to happen. People riding rockets into space are going to die. This is inevitable, it's the price human kind has always paid for our spirit of exploration and adventure. Trial lawyers want to make sure that when the inevitable happens, they will be able to sue the space industry out of existence. 

I'm sorry, that's not the way this stuff should work. Shackleton would never have mounted an expedition to the South Pole if his crew could sue him if disaster struck. Trial lawyers and the legal system that supports them are forcing modern society to become unreasonably risk-averse. This is very harmful to our well-being and prosperity as a nation. Without risk, there is no progress.

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