Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't compare Egypt's rioters to the American revolutionaries

There is nothing inherently good about "democracy". Democracy is simply mob rule, in which the will of the majority can oppress the minority. The reason we view our own democracy as good is because it is a Constitutional democracy, in which the will of the majority is severely limited by a set of supreme laws. Our Constitution was designed to insure that, whatever the will of the majority, individual liberty will remain the basis of our society. When our government was created, we deliberately set up roadblocks against democracy. Read the Federalist Papers. They argue extensively of the perils of Democracy, and explain why a Representative Republic with a separation of powers (one of those powers being the States) helps eliminate the problems of mob rule and an uneducated populace.

Whatever you say about the fundamental "right to vote", no such right really exists. You do not have a right to vote to oppress your neighbor. The wellbeing of the people is not served by a government mandated to follow the uninformed temporary whims of the majority.

The danger of the situation in Egypt is that their "revolutionaries" are in no way similar to those that fought for freedom in America. Our revolution was debated and decided by representatives of the people, which happened to include some of the greatest minds of the generation. When it moved forward it was for the noble principles declared in one of the greatest political documents in human history. Our revolution had strong leaders, an organized army with a chain of command. American revolutionaries were not a spontaneous angry mob rioting in the streets, burning and looting. When our revolutionary goals were complete, we built a Republic based on the doctrine of individual liberty, not "democracy".

What doctrine or principle is guiding Egypt's revolutionaries? Who are their leaders? What is the great and noble principle they are fighting for? If it is for nothing but "democracy", than we have every reason to be worried. If it is for the principles of the Muslim Brotherhood, then the rioters are tools of oppression worse than anything Mubarak ever employed.  I'm not saying we should not support the struggle for democracy in Egypt.  I'm saying we should not support it blindly.

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